Sunday, June 13, 2010

Bursts of crying and potshots

We didn't go anywhere today. Kind of a wasted day in that respect, but it was also periodically raining and gloomy. Right before dinnertime, I was in the kitchen doling out the grub when I heard Nikko erupt in a wail. When I went to the living room to check on him, he was on his tummy near the bookcase, head down, wailing. I didn't know why and neither did anyone else because no one was near him. I tried to console him and went back to the kitchen when he did it again. I recall that Jenna said on Wednesday Nikko had a burst of crying during his session. He was doing drills, then suddenly put his head down on the table and started to wail. No apparent cause or reason, and then he got over it and proceeded as normal. I wonder what's triggering this? A deep-seeded memory? Pain?

Another thing that Nikko is doing is taking potshots at Ronin. Nikko came to the table, pulled out his chair, sat down, then turned and swatted Ronin on the arm. Ronin looked at him quizzically, then Nikko cranked his arm back and swatted Ronin harder on the back. That made Ronin cry and hit Nikko back, so I had to intervene. I saw the whole thing and didn't see Ronin instigate anything, nor was Ronin whining annoyingly as usual to provoke Nikko's wrath. I threatened that the next kid who hit someone was going to sit at the Time Out table.

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