Thursday, June 17, 2010

Second Day of ESY / Blocked up / Yesterday's binder notes

Ronin wanted to walk with Nikko and me to school this morning, so I left Audrey with Denis and tentatively walked with Ronin holding my hand toward school. We entered the building, bypassed the gym, and went straight down the hall toward Mrs. McCarthy. She welcomed Nikko, I bent down to get a good-bye kiss, and he ran straight into the classroom. Ronin said he wanted to go in and I looked down to tell him we couldn't stay. I looked up to see Nikko sitting way at the back of the room on a road carpet with Mrs. Damerjian and other kids, already playing with toys. Nikko wasn't even looking at us so I took it as a sign that he's fine, and we left. When we picked him up later (I had the kids in the double stroller), Mrs. McCarthy brought him outside instead of waiting in the classroom. She said, "When he saw that he was the only kid left in the room he kind of looked around [quizzically], so I took him outside to wait for you guys." Nikko seemed fine on the way home, too. I served up lunch and noticed at the end of lunch that Nikko was straining.

He had been straining since yesterday, so I told him that if he didn't pass something by 12:40p then I'd have to help him. No luck. I had to help him with a suppository. I had him straddle me in my lap and held him still. Of course, Nikko was crying and pushing away from me at times. It took longer than I thought, at least ten minutes before he had a bowel movement that pushed anything out. And I felt SO bad for Nikko because it was big and compacted, the size of a small apple, plus some smaller ones. It had to have hurt so badly coming out. I changed him, and then Jenna showed up for 1pm ABA. I warned her about Nikko's state, but he was still willing to work with her. I put the younger ones down for a nap and went to eat lunch and read the paper. Nikko had to come upstairs two more times with residual bowel movements, the second one being another hard poo, and the third one being large but soft and messy. He did a really good job of clearing up his intestines this time around, but I imagined that he was also probably very tired from all that pushing. He managed to sleep in the car on the way to Mom's house. A well-deserving nap, I'd say. I printed out something on high fiber foods. I REALLY need to help him become regular again!!

Jenna's notes from ABA session today: First time with new drills. He was so focused today. Good eye contact and trying to imitate me. Very good session. He likes obstacle courses. Good day!

Was Nikko focused due to the bowel movements??

At yesterday's meeting Nikko had mastered some activities and new ones were put in. He has mastered the pictures of familiar people (family) so he'll use that as a warm up.
Still needs to work on pointing out body parts.
Still works on block patterns, but is being encouraged to build across, not just stack upward.
Still working on one-step instructions.
Shapes were added. They're using turquoise rubber shapes that he needs to identify.
Function of objects: point to a picture (scissors) and ask, what do you ____ with?
Still colors within boundaries.
Still working on mazes.
Emotions - still working on identifying, will work on MAKING the face.
Still working on imitating actions with objects (Wipe mouth. Drink from cup. Brush hair).
Personal information - he's not getting it. So, they dropped the age question for now, and are focusing on his actual picture. "Who is this?"
Board game - encouraging Go Fish more often.
Colors - Expressive - Can identify in books, but will now hold up a card and ask him, "What color is this?"
Points to pictures in a book - He needs a new cache of books to use for this activity.

SO, Nikko's still pretty busy. Our goal is to keep him busy so he won't regress this summer. That's the hope!!!

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