Monday, June 14, 2010

Ice cream

Another mysterious burst of crying, this time it was right before breakfast. I couldn't figure out what brought it on, but I put a bowl of cereal in front of him, he kept putting his head on his arm onto the table, then started wailing. I picked him up and sat him in my lap to console him, but he slithered onto the floor under the big kitchen table and cried there for some time until he resumed being calm. If I see this happening tomorrow, I may stop the probiotic/enzyme. Those are the only variables I have added (and the MiraLAX taken away) that could have altered his physical state.

I went to lunch today with my girlfriends at P.F. Chang's, a Chinese restaurant in Lombard. It's always nice to reconnect with the girls. When I got back, the kids were running around and Audrey had woken from a nap all grumpy. I fed them snack. Ronin had Vanilla Bean-flavored Coconut Milk ice cream. Nikko had some of my Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream. Audrey refused ice cream and preferred graham crackers instead. I think ice cream is a bit too cold for her right now. This was day two of Nikko having ice cream, so right before dinner he was requesting it heavily and got super angry when I told him no, it's time for dinner food. Nikko kept pushing me toward the freezer and was screaming at me for ice cream, but I didn't give in although the thought crossed my mind. Somehow I got him to eat mac cheese and nuggets. I think it was the ranch dressing that Denis suggested I use for dipping the nuggets. Genius!

Oh gosh, ESY starts for Nikko on Tuesday. Gotta remember the emergency form, to pack clothes & diapers, and a snack + water for Nikko.

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