Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Juice / "I"

So now that the novelty of drinking juice from a cup has shifted into full gear, Nikko won't eat. He'd rather drink from a cup. At lunchtime I put some spinach ravioli and two nuggets in front of him and he didn't eat any of it. He asked for juice instead. I gave it to him and put some grapes on his plate, too. He only ate grapes, but also chewed and spit out a bunch. Nikko had spilled a good portion of his juice onto himself and I was so agitated by the sticky mess that was all over him, over his toolbox, on the table, chair and floor. I was also annoyed that he wasn't eating anything except grapes, so I launched into a tirade that was really uncalled for. I burst into tears out of pure frustration because I can't get that kid to eat. Thankfully, Jenna wasn't coming until 2p today so the redness in my eyes came down. Nikko had a good session with her, too.

Dinnertime, along with all mealtimes lately, has become difficult. Nikko wanted juice and I gave him some; I tried to delay the juice but he started getting really whiny. I also put food in front of him and took the cup away; he didn't eat anything on his plate for a long time. I definitely sense a power play going on, and it makes me angry to the point that I feel manipulated by him so the more I don't want to give in to him. But as he was crumpled on the kitchen floor in the fetal position, crying and covering his face and wailing for I-have-no-idea-what, I gave in and put juice in a cup, put it on the table and tried to coax him to get in his chair to drink. He didn't give in for a long time so I gave up and left the cup there, and him on the floor. I went back to him after my own temper calmed down, wiped his tears and messy face, and helped him sit down so he could drink. He recovered within a few minutes and was acting 'normal' after that. This sounds all so quick and easy, but Nikko's crying was really hard and I felt/feel like such a failure because I couldn't get him to even sit at the table, and then he wouldn't eat any solid food. How is he supposed to achieve regular BM's if he doesn't eat any solid food?

The one good thing about today is that I pushed Nikko harder to say the "I" in a request for juice. Nikko's requests would start like this:
More juice?
Juice please?

--I'd say, "I want juice please."
Want juice.
--I, I, I want....
Want juice.
--I, I, I, I, I, I....
--I want more juice please.
I. Want. More. Juice. Please?

That's five words strung together. Hooray! It's prompted, it's not consistent, but hey, it's a step forward.

To end on a positive note, his ESY report today said: Played in kitchen - loves to pretend to clean. Helper today!

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  1. Melissa!!! Five words. Five words in a sentence! Wow, I'm so proud!!!

    On the constipation front, seeing as how he likes juice... Billy really responded to prune juice. Still does. I actually give it to him in a syringe (we started by telling him it was medicine, because I really needed to know how much was going in).

    He will often have up to 100 mls of prune juice in two different lots through the day. At Nikko's age, he would have had maybe 60 mls.

    That and lots of water (plus probiotics and magnesium) keep him pretty well regulated. Without it, he's a mess. Billy's also a fussy eater, though a vegetable at a time, he's adding to the mix!

    The whole megacolon game is scary, and three years on, we're still battling it. Here's hoping you can resolve this whole thing. I feel for you. I really do.