Monday, June 21, 2010


Nikko's school report: Rescue Heroes trains - wanted one that Ivan had - he was anxious/cranky waiting for his turn. I'm sure it wasn't pretty. But Nikko will have to learn how to take turns in school, somehow. I wonder how they will teach this? There was also a picture of a maze with black crayon scribbled over it. On the back was written: Did it the first time and then colored on it! When I inspected the maze, I saw a faint line from the start to the finish, but there was a crazy amount of scribbling too. Glad to hear that he actually did the maze correctly. When we picked up Nikko, he was sitting with the speech guy Brian. He seemed like a nice guy, and came out into the hallway to crouch down and say good bye to Nikko. Brian pointed to his chin, or maybe it was toward his mouth, and Nikko leaned in as if to kiss him. Brian corrected Nikko by saying Good Bye, which he did.

Sarah came later in the day for therapy. Nikko is now staying at the beginning of the session instead of running upstairs. He started the session well, but became whiny at the end. There was no real good reason for it, and later I discovered he had a little hard poop in his diaper so maybe that was uncomfortable. Nikko also didn't eat his dinner. Who wouldn't want to eat a piece of cheese pizza and some nuggets? :/ He ate some grapes that I left out for him, but that was all. Fine, maybe he'll have more of an appetite tomorrow.

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