Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Aversion to shrillness

Kathy came to work with Nikko at 11a and I worried about it because at 10:20a Ronin was still sitting in time out in the kitchen, wailing and screaming at me to let him get up. I was ignoring him at the table and listening to Nikko in the living room, getting upset at the shrillness in Ronin's screaming. When I checked on Nikko he was on the floor with the square floor pillow on top of his head, moaning and gritting his teeth with teary eyes. Ronin was sent into time out because he double-head-butted Nikko in the back over some toy, of course. I told Ronin that he needed to be quiet before I could let him out of time out and Ronin protested loudly despite me telling him the key to his freedom. I watched the clock and hoped that Ronin would comply so that I could get everyone settled back to a normal vibe before Kathy came. I think it took Ronin another 10 minutes to finally settle into a pause between sniffles, so I jumped on that second of silence to praise him for being quiet and to let him stand up. *BIG HEAVY SIGH* All the kids were acting like animals before 10a, especially Audrey for some reason. While Nikko was downstairs with Kathy, I gave the two little ones Toy Story 3 Dry Erase Boards to occupy their attention. I saved one for Nikko for after lunch but he didn't show much interest in it. That surprised me because I had heard from school that he seemed to enjoy scribbling away on wipe boards. Perhaps he just wasn't in the mood for it so I'll have to revisit that later. Kathy told me that Nikko had a very good session, even started laughing and singing in the middle of some drills. At least he didn't have any meltdowns. It's strange, because since Friday he had a good session at the end of Melisa's, then Sarah and now Kathy. We won't see Jenna tomorrow because she had to reschedule for Friday. It's an open slate tomorrow, but I think we'll go to Costco so I can get more hot dog buns for Ronin and to return a saute pan. I may try to take the kids to the park behind the Westbrook school, if it's not cornered off since the building is having asbestos cleaned out. If not that park, then maybe we'll go to the "secret" park near the high school. It's not totally fenced off but the playground equipment is toddler friendly. I really want the kids to get out and about, taking advantage of these summer days. After lunch and naps, I snacked the kids and planned to take them on a walk to see the Metra trains. It's our little ritual if the weather is good. I had no real idea that it was terribly hot and HUMID outside, regretting our outing by the time we hit the end of the driveway. Still, I made us walk two blocks toward the railroad tracks and we were graced by 3 instances of Metra trains lumbering by. I think the boys enjoyed it, but their heads were dripping with sweat so much that Nikko was clawing at the tissue in my hands so that he could blot his head. At dinnertime, Nikko had mac cheese but didn't scarf down the battered fish fillets that he had at lunchtime. His appetite wasn't there, and it's been pretty inconsistent lately. Which reminds me to buy more croissants from Costco. He has adapted well to my croissant/cheese sandwich that I make to replace the expensive Jimmy Dean breakfast sandwiches that he picks apart. He ended the night by getting excited over seeing Steve on Blues Clues and dancing to the Mail Song. Nikko looks at himself in the mirrored wall and swings his bent arms back and forth the way Steve does it. Nikko also says, "Mailtime, mailtime, mailtime!" in the same tone as the tv program. I have it as one of my goals to outline some activities we should do with him and the other kiddos before the summer ends.

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