Sunday, August 15, 2010

Daddy's Secret Park

Nikko woke up in a decent mood this morning, but as Ronin began to whine about something, Nikko began to get upset and put his hands over his ears. I really think that Ronin's pitch when he's talking or whining sets Nikko off, which is really unfortunate because Ronin whines a lot lately. Nikko refused to sit at the breakfast table and ended up on the floor instead. He wouldn't let me change his diaper and he wouldn't eat the cheese sandwich I made at his original request. Ronin was being really obstinate about something which I have forgotten since it was some 20 hours ago, and I felt so drained with Nikko's crying/whining. Denis was observing what was transpiring, and then he got up, took the wipes and diaper, picked up a crying, protesting Nikko with a cheerful voice and informed Nikko that they were going to change his diaper. I was really grateful that Denis took Nikko into the living room, removing a volatile Nikko from an annoying Ronin so that Nikko could calm down as well as get changed since he would inevitably leak. Nikko managed to calm down, but kept getting riled up at Ronin's voice. When I was at a better place, I went to Nikko who was crouched into a ball in the hallway and coaxed him to come into the kitchen to eat. He looked at me with teary eyes and I gave him some big pressure hugs just to connect with him again. The episode was finally over.

The day went quickly, lunch was looming on us already. Nikko seemed to have a big appetite for cheese (croissant) sandwiches. He didn't nap when I wanted him to, and unfortunately Ronin wriggled out of his nap, too. Audrey was extremely cranky today, probably because she felt really warm when I picked her up from the crib this morning. When I took her temperature it was around 101.4 so I asked her if she wanted to go sleepy time or to eat lunch. She said, "Sleepy time" so I put her down for a nap. It helped a bit, but crankiness came back later in the evening. We took the kids to "Daddy's Secret Park," which was a park at the end of a road that we discovered by accident and we visited with Tianna, the day she broke her slipper. The park district redid the playground so it had updated slides and swings, which was a nice change from the former equipment that looked dated and everything looked so dim and dingy. While the morning was overcast, by this time in the afternoon it was HOT and HUMID. Within minutes each of the kids' heads were drenched in sweat. Ronin was playing along with me at a little countertop at the base of some slides, pretending to order food. "What can I get for you today?" he'd ask, which is what I taught him, and I'd say, "Five burgers, five french fries and five ice creams." "Coming right up!" Ronin would declare, then scurry to a pole behind him to mimic cooking, then bring it back to me to taste. Nikko and Audrey were fighting over a ride-on dolphin attached to a big spring in the ground. I knew Nikko would try it and then move on to something else, but Audrey did not want to be moved from the dolphin at all. In fact, she became very protective of it. It wasn't long before we hydrated the kids with their juices, then we left and went to Costco for some provisions (greens, spinach, Cheerios, Ronin's bread, bread for us, strawberries). Ronin saw the two guys at the T-Mobile kiosk where we bought my cell phone and he said, "Hey look, there's those guys!" I was surprised that he recognized them from almost a month ago. I was able to distract Nikko for a while before he started whining for a lollipop and clawing at my backpack until he almost yanked it off me. I gave in, but knew that I had a limited supply so when it was done, it was DONE. For real. After buying our stuff, we stopped at the food court to get a quick snack. Nikko and Audrey had churros, Denis and I shared a frosty, but Ronin didn't want to eat any graham crackers. We didn't have the food bag with us, and he technically couldn't eat the frosty or the churro. I felt bad that he didn't have an official snack, and he was giving me such a hard time that I said he couldn't possibly eat the frosty because he's extremely sensitive/allergic to dairy, but I'd give him a purple candy (chewable Benadryl) and let him try the churro. It was risky, but I did it to see if he would react to the churro which probably had milk or egg in it. Luckily, he didn't react, probably thanks to the Benadryl, but it's not something I really want to do without reading a label first. When we got home, Ronin got so sleepy that he took an hour nap, Audrey was super cranky, and Nikko was totally fine watching Math on the Moon. I was going out to a Girls Night Out so left after 6p. Nikko wasn't happy to see me go, was starting a low whine with teary eyes, and the other two were more accepting but not liking it as well. I went to dinner at Wildfire in Oak Brook with the girls and had a nice time reconnecting with adults. When I came back home and checked on the kids, I put Bow Wow next to Nikko, rolled Ronin back into the middle of his bed since his leg was hanging over the guard rail, and felt Audrey's forehead - - still warmer than it should be. I hope it doesn't get worse, but we probably won't do an ambitious Air & Water Show visit downtown that we originally planned.

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