Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I've been putting maybe even a 1/8 capful of MiraLAX in Nikko's juice first thing in the morning, then lunch he gets a tablespoon of Benefiber and another tablespoon at dinner. In the mornings Nikko has bowel movements that are a peanut buttery consistency and messy but not liquidy. I'm not crazy about this form of poo, but right now I'll take it over the painful constipation bouts. I'm almost scared to let up on anything I'm doing for fear that he'll skip a day and have some impaction going on. But deep down inside I know this isn't the way his stools are supposed to be. They should be slightly firmer and mirroring the shape of his intestines. How I'm supposed to get to that point, I'm not sure yet. The nice thing lately is that since I'm monitoring him and changing him frequently, it doesn't give the poo a chance to sit and irritate his butt so that he'd start reaching into his diaper and smearing. I HATE THAT.

Kathy came at 2:30p and had a really good session with Nikko. He was in a good mood. Right before she arrived I had opened some mail and an invitation with the Little Einstein cartoon characters was on it. Nikko immediately snatched the invitation with me, complete with the map inside, and claimed it as his own. He was even singing a song while enamored with the invitation but I couldn't figure out what the song was. He took the invitation with him downstairs to therapy and came up with it again. He also took it to bed with him tonight. After therapy, he rushed up to me with his fist at his chin saying, "Ice cream? Ice cream?" This seems to be a new habit he does right after therapy. Sometimes it's convenient because it's around snack time, but at other times it's a definite NO. After Kathy left I was able to persuade Nikko to try a new potato chip I got from Whole Foods called Popchips, not baked or fried. He seemed to like them, and I know Ronin was crazy about them. Thankfully Nikko forgot abou the ice cream, but I was prepared because during last night's grocery run I got him some Edy's vanilla chocolate swirl that is both sugar and fat free. That should take the sting out of eating ice cream! We didn't have any outbursts from Nikko today that were caused by himself. Ronin would get upset that Nikko took something from him so Ronin would start to hit Nikko or ram his own head into Nikko's back. That would upset Nikko, who would fall to the floor in a crying heap, and Ronin would be sent to Time Out. Nikko's just been overall calm the past few days, something I'm really grateful for.

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