Thursday, August 26, 2010

No rages

Nikko had a relatively good day until after therapy, which was 4:45p-6:15p. He came upstairs and Jenna told me he had a very good session, no rages except for a part of that teddy bear emotions storybook where he put his hands up to his cheeks in a mock-scary motion when part of the story talked about the bear being scared. Not a bad thing, really. But Ronin was being especially whiny and that was causing Nikko to put his head in that organizational bin under the kitchen table and basically retreat there. Ronin was getting upset over who-knows-what and started stomping on Nikko, right in front of Jenna, so I put Ronin in a time out. His screaming plus Nikko's crying made dinnertime chaotic. I had to coax Nikko out from under the table with some mac cheese, trying to placate everyone before I left for pilates class. I was told that there were tears and crabbiness, but the kids still went to bed, even before 8:30p.

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