Thursday, August 5, 2010

Cheese Sandwich & Lollipops

Nikko seems to be really hooked on these Cheese Sandwiches I make for him using half of a half of a croissant and this cheesy spread from a jar. Sometimes he'll eat nuggets on the side, but the Cheese Sandwich is the core meal and he comes up to me asking for it. I wonder when this phase will end. He's also accepting of a pseudo-Pop Tart that has 5g of fiber. I'm doing it for the sake of his constipation problems, so while it seems kind of unhealthy, there are health benefits at the bottom of it. But lately he's been focused on eating mostly the glaze on top of the pop tart instead of the whole thing. It's backfiring, unfortunately.

We took a trip to Costco around lunchtime, after a series of heavy rains in the morning. The kids were behaved, but mostly because I had to give them lollipops at Nikko's behest. It's becoming a not-so-good sign, like the fruit snacks, where he is expecting that I give him a lollipop when we go to Costco. I hate that he does this because he'll whine and squeal and claw at my backpack and at me until I give him what he wants. I am starting to dread going to the store again. We came back home and I put the little kids down for their naps. Then I walked Nikko to my room and said, "Sleepy time," and he knows that it's time for him to take a nap with me.

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