Monday, August 23, 2010

Fluctuating rages

Ugh. This morning, Nikko got into another rollercoaster rage before breakfast. I'm not really sure what set him off, except that since the time he woke up and came into the living room he seemed to be seeking some sensory input. He kept putting a big pillow over his head and body while laying on the floor. He also did some big body drops to the floor followed by the pillow. He also started getting agitated. At one point I saw him rifling through the toy bins near the window and heard him mutter "Screwdriver." It made me nervous because we are on a campaign to eliminate Felipe the yellow screwdriver from our midst. Nikko is totally hooked on it, but it comes and goes in waves. He gets obsessed about it when he remembers it. When it's out of sight, it's usually out of mind. I had the other two kids in the kitchen with breakfast going when I heard Nikko start thrashing about on the floor, taking swipes at the cars and the toy bins, ensuing chaos. I came in there to give him some big, comforting hugs and to stop him from destroying the living room. Meanwhile, Nikko was shrieking and whining the whole time, the grating-on-my-nerves high-pitched shrieking that is going to drive me insane sooner than later. Thankfully, Nikko responded slightly to my deep-pressure hugs and he calmed enough to decide to go eat pop tarts. By the time he sat at the kitchen table he was acting NORMAL again. It boggles my mind, this raging behavior. I mean, SHEESH!

Another UGH thing this morning was Ronin's stubbornness. He was demanding Blues Clues and yelling at me to the point that I dumped him into Time Out. He wanted a truck but I told him he could have his truck back and get out of Time Out if he stopped talking and was quiet. It took 30 minutes for him to settle down hoarsely, to the point that he would stop screaming my name or for me to turn around and look at him or let him go. Ronin was relentless and wouldn't be quiet. I couldn't give him to him, just as when I hit that point of no return with Nikko then I can't go back and give in to him. I have to keep going forward. Did Ronin learn anything from his half-hour Time Out? Hopefully he'll just not want to be there for so long again and perhaps stop yelling at me. Maybe. That's the whole point. It's totally an issue of control and he wants to be in control.

During lunch, the Penepackers came over. Tristan worked on the lawns, front and back, while the girls played indoors and outdoors and in the basement with us. My kids seemed to go with the flow quite nicely. Things got slightly dicey outdoors when Nikko and Audrey started fighting over the Little Tykes red car. I was able to steer Audrey away to another ride-on toy the first time, but Nikko didn't want to give it up for Audrey to take a turn. I decided it was time to give Nikko a diaper change and he was pissed that I dragged him back inside. I was good to my word and got him back outside quickly, but he was angry and less likely to be friendly after that. We brought everyone inside to play in the basement and got the kids interested in our parachute. Nikko was still angry when we first went to the basement but he became involved with the parachute and soon forgot that he was mad at me. Or so I thought. After we used the parachute as a tent and all the kids were sitting underneath it, Nikko started a cycle of whining that escalated into a crying spell. It might have been too hot under the tarp, or maybe he felt unsure of his body in the tented space, but he ended up in a fetal position and crying. I took him upstairs for a snack and he settled into a calm state in the living room. The Penepackers had vacationed in Charleston, SC, and brought back some pirate hats for the boys and a pirate t-shirt for Audrey. Ronin enjoyed walking around as Captain Feathersword from The Wiggles. Nikko was mildly interested but didn't put on the hat. After they left, I put Ronin and Audrey down for a late nap (4p!) and tried to put Nikko down as well but he didn't stay laying down long. Perhaps he really is done with afternoon naps, even though I personally think he needs them. The rest of the evening was ok, with dinner and more Blues Clues.

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