Monday, August 9, 2010

Tuna and blue cheese

On Saturday, we ventured off to the Chicago Botanic Gardens for their 6th annual Kite Festival. Breezy and perfect temperatures plus a beautiful flowery backdrop made our trip worth it. The kids weren't as interested in the kite demonstrations as we were. Nikko opted to run back and forth along a pathway nearby but never ventured too far from our spot. Ronin took a turn at holding our kite reel and I was surprised to see him looking up at his kite all by himself. Audrey hit a meltdown at one point and took the option of sitting in her stroller to cool off. We brought our cooler and ate lunch at a balcony with umbrellas and tables, but I waited for the staff to boot us out of there for not buying any of their food. Didn't happen, which made lunch go smoothly. We went home for naps and to simply chill out. Today, the weather was completely upside down. We didn't go anywhere in the morning because the ground was wet from rain and the skies were terribly cloudy. After lunchtime and naps, I looked out to clear, sunny skies and hotter temps. I still didn't venture outside with the kids because the ground was still damp and I wanted to tackle some organizational things in Nikko's room. Looking at the junk piling up in his room made me want to scrap the entire mission, but I tackled a bin of miscellaneous toys despite my laziness.

I have put some miraLAX into Nikko's juice, alternating it with Benefiber, and today I was rewarded with an explosive diaper that smeared out the leghole when I pulled his shorts down to change him. Yuck. But the fact that there was a bowel movement was a good sign. I'm not giving Nikko a very big dose at all, really just 1/8 of a capful. Nikko's appetite has increased as of Friday night, especially when it comes to chicken nuggets. We ran out of them at the in-law's house, and we are going to run out of them at lunchtime tomorrow. If it helps him have better bowel movements, I'll be thankful. I also wonder if we're on the verge of a growth spurt. Nikko has been pulling me in directions when he wants something, but I've been trying to encourage him to ask directly. We got a LeapFrog DVD that has Math on the Moon on one side and Letter Factory on the other. When I tried to change to the Letter episode after watching a few Math episodes in a row, Nikko vocally protested and went to fetch the TV remote so I could change the show back to Math on the Moon. During dinner tonight, Ronin was talking about a Handy Manny episode and he mentioned something from the show about tuna and blue cheese.
"Hey, Nikko!" Ronin said, "Can you say tuna and blue cheese?"
I didn't think Nikko would respond so I chimed in, "Here Ronin, I'll say it: Tuna and blue cheese!"
Nikko didn't look at us right away, but within a few more seconds Nikko said, "Tuna and blue cheese."
Perhaps he WAS paying attention.

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