Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Eyeball hell

Mom came over today to watch the kids while I went to see an ophthalmologist. She told me later on that Nikko was upset when he came up from ABA and I wasn't home. He searched for me in every room. But he got over it and tried to get Mom to play the LeapFrog DVD. Unfortunately, she doesn't know how to work the DVD player and it had to wait until I got home. Nikko was especially whiny today and it grated on my nerves so much, coupled with Audrey screaming and pawing at me, that I had to put on my ear plugs. I think that because Mom was at the house, Nikko tried to get away with asking me for ice cream at 5pm. I didn't want to give him any, but he was persistent, pushy and whining like crazy. Mom told me to just give him some, so I caved in. Thankfully, it didn't spoil his dinner appetite and he ate a few chicken nuggets, but I felt like he was taking advantage of the situation today.

SO, my prognosis was:
1.) High myopia - retinal detachment precautions
2.) PPMD - posterior polymorphous membraneous dystrophy
3.) Trichiasis

What this mean is this:
1.) I am at a high risk for retinal detachment. Doc said something about a range of 6 and above as bad. I am at 6.5. Whatever that means, I'm reading up on myopia and retinal detachment and I am FREAKING OUT.
2.) PPMD - bad stuff here, too, can lead to glaucoma but he said he didn't think it would happen to me, but had to tell me about it anyway since he mentioned PPMD. Trying to find out more info on this in layman's terms, but having trouble.
3.) Some lashes in the inner corner of my eyes are growing inward, causing irritation on my eyeball. He had to pluck some OUT of the inner corner of my eye. Yeah, you said it: OUCH. Then, due to all the dryness in my eyes, he put some kind of plug on my tear ducts, using forceps, so that when my eyes get hydrated the liquid will stay on my eyeball and not disappear into the tear ducts. He was putting these little silicone discs somewhere along the underside of my eyeball at the inner corner of my eye. I could feel the pressure of the forceps, but it didn't sting. Just felt uncomfortable. But now I can't feel them at all. I will not rub my eyes for any reason because they may pop out and then what the heck am I supposed to do??

No contacts for a few weeks, we'll follow up on Aug. 30. He may try contacts on me to see what happens, but if that doesn't work then we will talk Lasik. He is a specialist in that, and said that if I had it done it would solve all these current problems which are being caused by my wearing contact lenses and the dryness it has provoked. I am glad I finally saw someone who is going to help me solve this problem, but I am in eyeball hell.

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  1. Oh my! I sure hope your eyes feel better really soon! I have an astigmatism in both of my eyes, but have never had any of these eye conditions you have encountered. Poor mama! Hang in there!