Thursday, August 12, 2010

Gains with Jenna

Today I had mom come over again because two days ago the plug in my right eye's tear duct came out and I felt it along the lower inside rim of my eye. I put it in saline in a case, just in case. Yesterday I felt uncomfortableness in my left eye and I think I was able to remove particles of the left plug. I SWEAR I didn't rub my eyes preceding this discharge! But out they came, and I had to make an appointment to see Dr. Herz about the plugs. He reinserted slightly bigger plugs into the tear ducts and told me to be careful. He also said that if these don't work, he could try cauterizing the tear duct with a hot rod. "It will only hurt a little bit." Um, I think he scared me into not wanting to touch my eyes for fear the plugs will fall out again! I can actually see the top of the plug on each tear duct, which is found near the inner corner of your eye but on the bottom (and top) lashline. You have to put your finger near the lashline and pull down to expose the tear duct. Now that I know where to look, I feel like I'm constantly checking those tear ducts. Kinda crazy.

Mom came to sit with the kids. Nikko didn't cry when I left, and Jenna came to work with him at 1:00p. Ronin was behaving, but Audrey was willful and when I came home around 1:20p, passing by Costco and the grocery quickly for provisions, Audrey was a crying, heaving mess. They both were refusing to take a nap, ganging up on Mom. It's a good thing I didn't take longer, so I marched the little ones into the room for a story and then put them in their beds for a nap. Audrey protested at first but I didn't back down. Jenna and Nikko came up after their session and she told me that Nikko did some great things today. When he wanted help opening a can of play-doh, he pushed it at Jenna but also said, "Open" and then when he wanted her to pull it out of the can he said, "Help." When Jenna and Nikko were rolling a ball back and forth, Nikko said, "My turn" without prompting, which is a phrase and understanding that they've been working on for a while. Finally, Jenna said that at one point she turned to Nikko and said, "Hi, Nikko." He usually repeats back what is said, like a parrot, but this time he turned, gave her eye contact and said, "Hi Jenna." She was really happy with his progress today, and I'm really happy she told me all about it! Tomorrow we have a 12:30p session with Melisa, and then Tianna is coming over for the last time to go out with us. I plan to take everyone to Woodfield Mall just to run around the play area. I don't feel up for gearing for the pool, and now that I have to wear my glasses I feel extra fuddy-duddyish in a swimsuit and specs.

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