Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The return of Thomas the Tank Engine

This morning Nikko brought to me a DVD cover that was a compilation of episodes from the Sprout channel including Thomas the Tank Engine, Barney, Fifi and the Flowertots, Fireman Sam and Bob the Builder. I didn't take his request seriously because Nikko has not been a fan of Thomas for over a year, and we could simply watch Sprout to see all these shows. Ronin came over and asked if we could see Thomas. "No, I don't think Nikko likes watching Thomas. Nikko, what do you want to watch?"
"Thomas," he replied.
I was surprised because Nikko covers his ears and emits a low whine whenever an episode aired. I shrugged my shoulders and said, "OK, suit yourselves, you'll see." I put in the compilation DVD. Nikko's hands covered his ears as soon as the HIT Entertainment box rolled on the screen. He didn't start whining, however, and sat watching it alongside a captivated Ronin and Audrey. When I checked back with them at the end of the show, Ronin eagerly wanted to watch more Thomas and Nikko was pushing the DVD at me again. I chose a longer DVD called Engines and Escapades and put it in. The boys were hooked. It made me nostalgic for the days when Nikko was younger, when all he would watch were Thomas episodes. Ronin didn't really remember them, but now he's able to fully understand what's going on, ask questions and retain each episode. I don't have episodes saved on the DVR anymore, but we do have many DVDs tucked away which I think I'll have to unearth.

Kathy came over at 11 for therapy and they had a good session until Nikko got whiny at the end. He could have been hungry for lunch. Mom came over after 2p and I had to leave the kids to go to an eye appointment. Nikko got a little misty-eyed when Mom came into the kitchen because he knew I was going somewhere, but he didn't erupt into tears or a tantrum. He let me kiss him good-bye and he ran to the window to watch me leave. Ronin announced, "BYE MOMMY!" and luckily did not wake up Audrey.

So now I've got punctal plugs put into the upper tear ducts of my eyes because the doctor said I'm better, but still very dry. The plugs are supposed to help keep the tears in my eyes and not let them drain away quickly into the nasal cavity. I printed out some literature so I could keep up with tear ducts. In three weeks I'll go back for a Lasik consultation. My other alternative was to get some eye drops that would help increase tear production, but he warned me that they were $100/month for a bottle, and it would start to work between 1-3 months. Um, that's a lot of dough! The quicker method was to put punctal plugs in the upper tear ducts; I'm supposed to have improvement faster. I'm reinstating my fish oil capsule intake to help with the omega-3s.

When I got home, I discovered that Audrey had slept from 1p to almost 4:30p. Yikes! Ronin had also fallen asleep on the couch with a #2 in his diaper. Nikko, on the other hand, was awake and playing around, watching TV and checking in with Mom when she called him over. Nikko was happy to see me but didn't overly display affection. His affection-seeking comes in the form of playing TICKLE with him. Many times I'm all for it, but Nikko is over 40 pounds and I get tired of holding him down with one arm and tickling him, his brother, and his sister with the other. I may have strained my right elbow in tickle games yesterday. The rest of the evening was fine.

School is just about here. The Garden Walk is on Wednesday! We have to split the time between classrooms but feel it's really important to meet Ronin's teachers for the first time. There are many questions that have to deal with his food allergies as well as bus issues for them both. Tomorrow we may have to pick up some forms from Arlington Pediatrics, so I'll have to take the kids with me. I don't have any scheduled activities but perhaps we'll end up at Costco or somewhere.

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