Friday, August 13, 2010

Woodland Trails Pool / Smaller than a grain of rice

For some reason Ronin woke up at 5:30a and was calling out. When I told him to go back to sleep he almost screamed, I WANT TO PLAY! I ushered him into the dark living room and told him to go ahead, but be quiet and I'd be laying on the couch. I don't think Ronin dozed for even a second, but around 6:30a Audrey wanted out, then Nikko woke up at 7a. These kids were going to take their 1p nap for sure! I fed them lunch and then Melisa came at 12:30p. When she entered, Nikko immediately ran to get his Crocs and put them on by the door. I had to coax him into following us downstairs and feared that he would make a big scene about going outside, but he was very compliant despite having to take off his Crocs again. He continued to have a very good session and even ended it outside with Melisa, as promised. Meanwhile, I put the other two down for their nap while I worked on purging things in the bedroom. All kids were up by 2:30 so I gave them a snack before Tianna arrived. It was her last day with us before she leaves for college. I am so grateful to her for volunteering to help us out a few hours each week. I cannot successfully take the kids out somewhere that requires more than one adult to help supervise. Backyard? Sure. Walks around the block, no problem. But the mall? Nope. Since it was so hot and humid outside, I took us to the mall to run around the play area. We were slated to go to the pool later on with Denis so I didn't want to go to the trouble of organizing swimsuits and such. The kids were extremely active on the climbing characters, including Audrey who showed no fear in scaling, and especially Ronin who was leaping off taller structures as if he studied Parkour. Nikko was content to run around the perimeter with some climbing mixed in. There were so many kids of varying sizes running all over the place, and while I thought I was being smart by dressing Nikko in an orange t-shirt, it blended in well with the orange accents of the perimeter couches as well as the two other kids in orange that kept circling around him. I worried that it would be difficult to pry Nikko away from the play area, but I baited him with promises of chicken nuggets and French fries. We went to the McDonald's in the mall for an early dinner, then got home by 5pm.

Denis came home early from work so we headed out to the pool at the River Trails Park District/Woodland Trails Pool. It was similar in style to both the Wheeling pool and Flick Park, but what couldn't be beat was their price: $6 for Denis, me, and all three kids. It was $3/person after 6:30pm, but how the kids came out free is something I can't explain. Whoo hoo! Ronin and Audrey ran back and forth from the kiddie pool to some splashy apparatus, and Nikko was a total fish in the water. He is becoming braver each time we go, taking a little jump off the side of the pool and landing like a dog without hurting himself on the bottom of the pool. I wonder if he'd like to do some diving, if the pressure from his body hitting the water feels especially good to him. We saw our neighbors from across the backyard and chatted with them a bit. We left the pool right around closing, 9p, expecting crabby kids and a late bath and bedtime. We may swim again tomorrow afternoon if Denis comes home early, taking advantage of these last days of summer.

Last thing I have to admit here: after seeing the ophthalmologist again yesterday to have plugs put in my tear ducts again, this morning I tried to clean out some gunk in the inner corner of my left eye and the plug came out. I couldn't believe it. It was on my fingertip and I tried to put it back in but was to clumsy and it fell somewhere on the sink. I was so aggravated and pissed because Dr. Herz had told me not to go there, that they were expensive, that he'd cauterize the tear duct if they fell out. What the heck is the matter with me that I have to ruin things twice over?? How can I possibly not rub or touch my eyes for the next three weeks?? I threw my hands up and gave up, deciding to just have one plug in and tell Dr. Herz later on that it recently fell out. Then I remembered that I had saved the plug from the first time they had fallen out, how it was on the inner rim of my eyelid so I put it in a contact lens case with saline. Going against better judgement, I hunted around for some tweezers with a blunt tip and practiced how I would insert the spare plug. Somehow, I managed to push it into the tear duct. The thought of possibly infecting my tear duct with the plug was apparent, but not as strong as wanting to be able to go back to the doctor with TWO plugs in my tear ducts instead of ONE. It was extremely hard to put that tiny, silicone plug onto the tip of the tweezer. It was smaller than a grain of rice, I seriously kid you not. It was half of a half of a grain of rice. But it somehow went from the tip of the tweezer to the hole, and I had to restrain from being too rough or it may fall out again. SUCCESS!

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