Thursday, August 19, 2010


Lots of Blues Clues this morning because Ronin was still under the weather due to his respiratory problems. Nikko didn't seem to mind and kept to himself unless he wanted more juice or more pop tarts. He did ask me for ice cream first thing in the morning, but I told him No Ice Cream, only during snack time. Upon waking, Nikko was in a fairly good mood, but when we all entered the kitchen for breakfast he ended up on the kitchen floor in a whining, crying heap. There were some decorative bins I bought from Costco that were under the table, which Nikko decided to stick his head into and wouldn't vacate. It really makes me wonder what could set him off at the drop of a hat. It took a while to coax him out of his crying, angry state, but he was able to join us at the end of breakfast. Lunch came upon us quickly and I had to feed Nikko before Jenna came at 1p. I also tried to hurry with lunch because Ronin seemed to be needing a nap.

After therapy, Nikko rushed back upstairs and asked me for ice cream while signing it, too. Since it was snack time I was happy to oblige. Jenna said he did really well and was close to mastering many of the tasks. I asked what areas he wasn't mastering and she said there's a drill where you point to a picture of an action and it correlates to the noun. What do you brush your teeth with? Toothbrush. Where do you sleep? Bed. What do you cut with? Scissors. He's not getting it all right just yet. He's getting much better at eye contact with Jenna and asking for help. I'd like to say he generalized "help" because this morning he wanted to fix a Disney Cars track so he ran to me, pulled my hand, then put his hands into fists and tapped them together while saying, "help." It was close to the sign, but he verbalized it too. I've experienced him asking for help with objects, but not for things in the kitchen. If he wants a food item, he will ask for it directly.

During dinner, it was time for me to leave and meet up with my friend Rachel for our pilates class. Nikko was hovering around me while I got ready and was slightly whiny, but when Ronin announced from his chair, "GOOD BYE, MOMMY! SEE YOU LATER!" Nikko started to repeat that under his breath and didn't get agitated. I gave the kids kisses before leaving and Nikko leaned in and out easily. I saw Audrey getting upset, and later on Denis called me with an upset Ronin that I had to talk to on the phone and wish him good night. Nikko, oblivious, was already in bed.

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