Sunday, August 22, 2010


We took the kids to Costco today for provisions. We really should stay away from Costco on the weekends because it's really busy, but that's when Denis is home and able to go out with us. We managed the kids through the waves of people, but I wonder how many people get annoyed that Nikko is weaving in between carts, slowing down and speeding up in the aisles. I try to keep him safe regardless. He was clawing at me for lollipops when we got into the store but I managed to fend him off with some tickles and chases. Nikko seemed like a pretty happy kid throughout the store but he reached a point 3/4 of the way through our trip where he was dragging me by the back of my backpack so I decided it was ok for him to have a lollipop or two. The last dicey part of our trip was when we finished at the checkout lane and headed toward the exit. The cafeteria is on the way and I sped up my steps putting Nikko on my right side so I could block him from looking at the cafeteria. Too late! Nikko tried to run in front of me, hoping to look at the churros and whine his way into a snack but I ushered him forward with a bit of protesting. Another lollipop came out to seal the deal and we were able to leave without a big scene.

Nikko's been repeating a lot of lines from TV. The latest ones are "Hola Kelly, hola Manny, hola tools!" from the Disney's Handy Manny cartoon. He was also chanting something about "Lightning McQueen and the Piston Cup!" He sounded so cute when he was saying Piston Cup that to me it sounded like musical chimes in my ears. And he tries to sing the Mail Song from Blues Clues, but gets overshadowed by Ronin, who loves to sing this song with lots of gusto.

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