Monday, August 2, 2010

One-hour pool

Two things on today's agenda were Nikko's ABA with Sarah and then pool time with Tianna. When Sarah came, I warned her that Melisa's last session started out rough and then ended really well. Nikko's mood in the morning was ok, somewhat in a good mood but kept colliding with Ronin (or, Ronin kept targeting Nikko) so that Nikko had some crying spells as well. But when they both emerged from ABA, Sarah said that Nikko had a really great session and was in a really good mood. Shocking for me, but I was very pleased. Ronin had passed on taking a nap, then Tianna arrived and we headed to the pool. Unfortunately, I didn't know that the pool was closing at 4:45 and reopening at 6:15p. This was due to swim lessons, according to Rachael, my neighbor, who happened to be at the pool. Basically I had one hour to put the kids in the pool and enjoy the time. Strangely, it was just enough for them today. Nikko resumed being a fish in the water, and Ronin and Audrey surprised me by grabbing onto the edge of the pool and practicing kicks, as if they were swimming. They had done this the last time at the pool when Denis showed them how, and today they copied the motion again. We came home to an early dinner, then baths and bed. I thought Nikko was going to take a nap around 6p because he seemed tired, but he found his second wind and was dancing around the living room in front of the mirrored wall, working up a sweat and enjoying Blues Clues. That kid is a natural sweat-er.

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