Monday, December 21, 2009

22 words thus far / Duo allergy attacks

Nikko is very adept at giving me a PECs picture for something that he wants. I didn't do it the "correct" way by putting the pictures on the fridge yet. His breakfast ones are in a pile on the table. He's able to fish out the picture he wants, usually it's PANCAKE, then bring it to me and put it in my hand. Then he'll run back to his chair, sit down and wait for me to deliver. Today he did that this morning with Pancake, as well as Chocolate Milk. We sat at the table and I held up a little jar that was a gift from school that had some tea in it. I said, "TEA." Nikko looked at me and said plainly, "TEA." Awesome! I'm also working on saying Grape, but I can't get the P sound, as if it just fell off the end of the word. I just tallied a list of the words that I believe he's said thus far, and will continue to say, and it comes to 22. He can repeat these words, and says some of them spontaneously. We've crossed a BIG hurdle, in case anyone hasn't figured that out yet!!

On another note, today we had two allergy scares. Audrey had some of Nikko's blueberry pancakes w/syrup (not usual in the past, she didn't care too much for them) and some peanut butter on top. When I looked at her in the living room I noticed that her cheek and around her eye were blotchy red. I put her in the high chair and saw some little hives in the redness. She obviously had a reaction, probably to the peanut butter, so I administered some liquid Benadryl via syringe. They went away as the morning progressed, but I think giving her the Benadryl stopped it from getting worse because she was starting to rub her other eye as well. Later in the afternoon I had to go to St. Lambert's to rehearse for my mom's function and the kids stayed home with Denis. When I got back, Denis was out the door to go work out so I got the kids dinner. He came back and mixed a powdered recovery drink for himself. Ronin climbed into his lap and wanted some of Daddy's juice. I heard Denis tell him no at first, but later Ronin stood in the middle of the kitchen screaming and putting his fingers in his mouth. Denis had let Ronin taste the drink from a spoon and it was causing an almost instant reaction. Ronin didn't drink gulps of the liquid (thank GOD!) but there was whey protein, which is basically MILK protein, and it must have been burning his lips. I saw them start to swell, and Ronin started coughing violently that was the onset of throwing up his dinner. Denis held him over the skin while I got a syringe of Benadryl. After Ronin's coughing fit we gave him the syringe and I told Denis we had to watch Ronin's breathing to see if it stops or he has trouble, or if he breaks out, because then we'd have to use the Epi-Pen and take Ronin to the ER. Ronin calmed down after having some "candy" medicine and his breathing didn't get worse, so we let him go. But his lips were massively swollen and even at bedtime and beyond they haven't disappeared completely. He's breathing fine right now, so I hope when he wakes up his lips have cooled down, too. Lucky for us, Nikko is not allergic to anything. :)

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