Sunday, December 27, 2009

Training Day

I can hardly put words to our day today. All of us except Denis have some kind of drippy nose and colds. We also attempted to start potty training the boys today. Ronin refused to wear the pull-ups, even though McQueen is on them, and practically resisted the bathroom the entire morning. Nikko wore pull-ups, but didn't communicate with us if he was wet, all day. Ronin, on the other hand, told us he'd pee or poo AFTER it happened, of course. But by the end of the night I was watching Ronin pause and go spacey in the kitchen so I rushed him to the toilet, yanked down his pants, ripped off the diaper and plopped him down. He looked like he was about to pee, but then two long dumps fell into the toilet. YEA!

As of this moment, we haven't decided what to do about Nikko yet. He is not giving any ready signs that he feels wet. He is accepting of the routine, however, and doesn't object to sitting on the toilet. He isn't eliminating in the toilet. I don't have a picture schedule on the wall because the one I have has a boy standing instead of sitting on the toilet. I had one to print out but the printer is not operating! Gotta go downstais to restart it or something. Frustrating! We are also considering just focusing on training Ronin full on because getting Nikko to understand the toilet process doesn't seem to be working.

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