Sunday, December 13, 2009

Attempting to say words

Today we went to the Hinsdale Church. It was less crowded than usual because many families attend the bigger Hinsdale Adventist church if there is a bigger function going on. The kids were in decent moods, and Audrey was very civil to my MIL when she usually just wants to be held by me. We sat in a big activity room because we couldn't sit still during the services. The boys wanted crackers and Nikko was attempting to say it when prompted. He tried to say panCAKE earlier in the day, too. And later at night, after dinner, Nikko handed me the Cars DVD and tried to say Cars a few times. Normally I'd reward his efforts by putting on cars, but this time I just praised him and really didn't want to watch the entire Cars movie. So I put on The Wiggles instead.

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