Monday, December 14, 2009

Sleep troubles

Today Nikko had an episode prior to his nap where he was covering his ears and sobbing on the couch. It worried me, but I watched him to see if a nap was forthcoming. I had left him on the couch watching Cars because that's what he requested, but when the sobbing started and stayed for a while, I sat next to him and let him lean on me until he fell asleep sitting up. Poor little guy. He must have had a hard time falling asleep tonight because after 1.5 hours when Denis and I were cleaning up in the kitchen, I heard Nikko's feet running down the hall and he appeared in the doorway. He didn't look like he just woke up. I walked him back to bed, tucked him in, and sang a little bit before leaving him. Hope it's just an anomaly.

Earlier today I saw Nikko sitting on the Thomas chair, head turned 90 degrees to look at himself in the mirror on the wall. He was sucking in his cheeks and making faces at himself, grinning, gritting his teeth and shaking his head a little. I crawled next to him and tried to copy his face, but after I left he resumed his own personal interactions with the mirror. I suppose it's self-awareness. Today he also said Eat when it was dinnertime, and tried very hard to pronounce [pan]Cake to me. He'd hand me the PECs card of pancake and then try to say Cake. How could I refuse him? He had a pancake after dinner as a result. Too bad he couldn't say broccoli, or TREES, which is the word Denis used with Ronin. Ronin heartily ate Trees with his nuggets and Hot Potato (mashed potatoes with rice milk and Earth Balance butter spread) and asked for MORE TREES.

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