Sunday, December 27, 2009

Playing outside in the snow!

3:12p - There's a song called Move Your Arms Like Henry [The Octopus]. When it comes on, Nikko goes to the mirror and starts putting his arms outstretched and waves them like the dancers do on TV. It makes him happy and he almost does it to the beat. It's a cute little song, but I'm really happy that it sends Nikko into action!

1:10a - Denis was a big help in getting the boys outside to play in the snow. I put Audrey down for a nap and was bracing for the worst, meaning Nikko's tantrums for not wearing snow pants. But to my complete surprise, Nikko complied! He must have observed Ronin wearing snow pants and snow boots, then being shoved outside in the snow (Ronin was protesting wearing all the gear, until he literally fell into the snow). Nikko let me put on his snow pants, coat, hat, mittens, and even stepped into his boots. He was excited to go outside! And he had a great time. I spent most of my time trying to keep Ronin's mittens on his hands and failing. Nikko was fine by himself until his boot was falling off; then it was time to go inside. Success!

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