Thursday, December 17, 2009

He used the potty @ school!

On today's progress report, circled and with 3 stars:
Nikko went potty today. He went in the bathroom on his own, opened his pants and starting going potty.

That is HUGE! I wanted more incredulous details so I emailed Kathy. She wrote me back the following:
yep- I walked in the end. Christy said he walked to the bathroom door on his own. He has been willingly going in the bathroom when it is his turn but he hadn't even been called this time. He looked at Christy and she followed him in. He undid his pants and pulled them down and went a little bit. He was standing. He flushed on his own too. very exciting!!!!!

I never thought I'd get a report like that in the next 3 years, and was just wondering the other day if I'd ever see anything written in the Bathroom box of his progress report. Funny how something as simple as that could be very exciting for adutls.

Later in the day Nikko was crabby as hell. I wasn't sure why, I know that he was trying to pass a bowel movement but wasn't having much luck at all. Perhaps it was hurting him inside, which is why he kept punching my legs as he lay in my lap. Finally he fell asleep for an hour nap. I was reading on an autism forum that lots of uncontrollable jumping, laughing and kicking movements could mean an overgrowth of yeast, that when the yeast dies off in the system that's when the kid goes back to "normal." The suggestions were to remove dairy and to give probiotics. I am really kicking around the idea of getting the Dr. Bock book, to read up on tweaking Nikko's diet. To me, he doesn't go ballistic if we give him something sweet. It seems quite unpredictable, when he starts doing the Nikko dance. I wonder if I need to log that better. I know that when he's not stimulated enough, aka bored, then he'll start crashing and/or laughing and spinning wildly. That's an OT solution. But what about the dietary factors? Does diet really have an effect on Nikko? Million dollar question.

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