Thursday, December 17, 2009

Again and oven triggers

From today's progress report:
ST- Great day. He said loud, clear Cracker at snack time. Said Ball 6 times during speech and tried bus a few times. He was vocalizing during Itsy Bitsy Spider and said "Again" at the end of it! At playtime he also spent some nice time in kitchen area playing - pouring, filling cups, putting things on the table.

How cool is that??

After lunch today I hung out with the boys and played brick road and garage cars with them. I was really trying to keep them apart, because Ronin was getting pushy with Nikko for interfering with his brick block road. I could see that Nikko was trying to line up the bricks "more straight" than Ronin had them, so in a way Nikko was trying to help out. But I separated them and drove some cars into Nikko's parking garage, while reinforcing Ronin's road. Ok, ready to play with some dolls now!

I preheated the oven to make some Rhodes bread. For the 2nd time ever, when the timer beeped at the end of the preheat, Nikko put his hands over his ears and his face fell. He started crying hard and it took a while to console him. I wonder why this happens with the oven timer but not the cooking timer. Is the frequency higher? Is it a Pavlovian memory each time it beeps? Offering him juice and hugs didn't solve the problem, but he did manage to calm down. Later at night, we tested the Again he said during speech today and it worked at the end of Itsy Bitsy Spider. He didn't say Again, but said the Gain part as GEN. He isn't saying two-syllable words, only single syllable. I guess my next research project is to look up how speech therapists do things, since that's what I've become.

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