Saturday, December 12, 2009

Bye, no tears

It was too cold for the kids to go play outside during school today. However, the OT emailed saying they worked on putting two mittens on Nikko vs. one and he tolerated it. The ST wrote: Great waving "bye" today! 1-step direction, requesting. That's great! I noticed this before I got her message, when I set Nikko down after lifting him off the bus seat. I turned him toward his classmates to say good bye (they always chant Good Bye, Nikko when he leaves), and then I turned him toward Mrs. Beyer and told him to say good bye. He wasn't looking straight at her, but was indeed waving. I wonder if he was waving at his peers instead?

Tonight I'm going to a concert with Regina, who graciously invited me to attend along with her mom, at Harvest Bible Chapel. I've been there with her for another function, a LONG time ago. I am glad to get away for a bit because we've basically been indoors for the past two weeks due to the weather. I am going batty, and yesterday I yelled my head off at Ronin (first time in a long time I did that) because he has started tantrumming when he wants something, or is relentless in his demand for something. Again. He won't stop crying long enough for me to get through a negotiation so it's either totally distract him with something even better than he wanted or match his screams and give in, stewing in anger the entire time. OK, the former isn't the best approach, but it's what I've been doing. The latter is more logical, and my goal.

1:12A - Denis' report was that the kids had a little bit of a late start for bedtime, but all were in bed by the time I called at 10p. He said that Nikko didn't cry when I left, that it was Ronin and Audrey that were wailing and crying and whom he had to calm down later. As I walked out the door, Ronin was indeed whining like a fire truck, and Audrey erupted into cries when I closed the door behind me, but Nikko just stood with his hands covering his ears (probably from Ronin's cries) and watched me go. Tomorrow I think we're going to the Hinsdale church in the morning. I'm glad the kids will get to be out in public and run off some steam, but I'm also dreading it because all three kids will be mobile and it will be hard to keep tabs on Ronin while I'm chasing after Audrey. There's no WAY they'll sit in the big room. I need to make sure Ronin doesn't eat anything that's not safe, that Nikko doesn't run away and get lost, and that Audrey doesn't fall on the floor too much that her hands get all dirty.

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