Saturday, December 19, 2009

Bye / Jump

This morning we all went to the ped for H1N1 flu shots. Unfortunately, I completely forgot that this vax has egg in it, so Ronin was not able to take the shot. Audrey, however, took it in the arm. Nikko stayed in the car with Denis, and that was fine because the waiting room was crowded. Afterward, we took a trip to Costco where I took Nikko inside since he had been cooped up in the car. He was doing well until we walked past the food court at the exit. He still remembers those churros, so I broke out a lollipop that he hung onto well into the afternoon. He ended up taking a nap this afternoon. Pat, Anna, Jovy and Max came over for a little bit, to give the kids their Christmas present which was a Step2 play kitchen. Pat put it together and the kids love it. Nikko was playing with the dishes and putting them in cabinets; Ronin kept stirring a pan with a spoon; and Audrey "chatted" on the cell phone. When they were packing themselves into the car to leave, the boys stood on the table to look through the window. Ronin kept saying, "Good bye, good bye, good bye," and through his noise I heard Nikko saying, "Bye, bye, bye!" He didn't wave at the same time, but the Bye was unmistakable to me. Later in the basement I took Nikko to the foof chairs and got him to jump back and forth. I kept saying, "Jump!" and Nikko was repeating Jump every time we took off.

Tomorrow afternoon I have to go to St. Lamberts to practice for the Simbang Gabi Christmas mass on Wednesday. I have to leave the kids for a good chunk of the afternoon. Hopefully they will have fun playing with the kitchen and not give Denis too hard a time.

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