Wednesday, December 9, 2009


1:56p - During lunch I was working on saying Cracker with Nikko. That was another hard word for him. I tried to break it into CRAK-GRRRRR. It took a while but I think I got the Grrr from Nikko.

Right now they're all sitting here eating 2nd lunch (as if I never even fed them a first lunch!) and singing Fruit Salad/Yummy Yummy. Even Nikko was rubbing his tummy like the Wiggles do in the video. He was also chanting something like the song.

12:42a - Nikko refuses to wear his snow boots. I guess I just sprung them upon him, so tonight I took them out again and tried to put one on his foot. Refused. I think the teachers are going to think I really don't know how to dress this kid. Remember, he's been wearing ONE mitten to school, and he just recently accepted wearing his hat. The boots are harder. I think the last time I got him to wear boots he was kicking and screaming, also in a snowsuit, and we had to literally push him out the door for him to see that it can be cool walking in the snow in boots. Last winter we didn't have this problem because I don't think I took them out in the snow at all. BAD MOM. His boots were too small for him, too. Ronin inherits them this year. I'll have to keep trying with his boots, or when it's Friday and time to play outside on the playground he may just have to wear his sneakers and get them all wet. I'll have to discuss this with Kathy. Tomorrow, Maria is coming over to meet Nikko and we'll see if these are the first steps toward ABA therapy. I have questions for her that I'll have to jot down before I forget.

Last thing, wanted to reiterate the notes from school today:
OT - Did arrival routine independently except for locating hood to hang up. Did well. :) Also did lots of body awareness and sequencing activities through an obstacle course. Lastly - took a coloring sample.
ST - Nikko kept saying "Go" every time we said "Stop", Stop to the Gingerbread Man. Also signed Cooke & Eat with story!!

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