Monday, December 21, 2009

Sandwich/Banana and repeating words

When I play "Sandwich" with Nikko, I basically use my body weight to crush him up against the couch or on the pillows on the floor and say, "Saaaandwich!" Nikko has started to say "Saaaaa" to request it. Today during breakfast he also said, "Banaaay" for Banana. He was running around with the PECs picture of Banana and put it in my hand to request for it. I tried to get him to say Wiggles and got a "Wuh" out of him along with the finger waggling sign for Wiggles.

Today I also saw Nikko doing some imitating, physically and vocally. During a Wiggles song he got up, went to the mirror and started dancing in a Nikko dance to the beat. On some songs he covers his ears, but others elicit some movement. I also saw him put his fists together for the Hot Potato song, but he ran away from me. When I sing the alphabet to Audrey, she waits until the end of the song for this: Now I know my ABC's, next time won't you sing with --- and she'll say, "MEEE!" Today, Nikko also joined her in saying "MEEE" at the end of the song. In the basement, I took Nikko to the exercise ball and had him sit on it while singing Row Row Row Your Boat. I know it's a song they use at preschool, so when I got to the end of it, Merrily merrily merrily merrily life is but a --- and I paused to see what he'd say. Nikko said, "Dreeee." That was great! His ability to imitate is improving, but I still need to stay on track to label things/objects so that they are useful. One last thing I've been observing with Nikko is that he seems to be playing in the play kitchen somewhat appropriately with the dishes, opening the cabinet doors and drawers. He wasn't "cooking" to the extent that Ronin was, running around with a spoon and a saucepan, but hopefully he'll catch on if he sees it happen around him. Guess I have to cook more, too!

Oh yeah, almost forgot! We were watching Disney Cars in the living room during Ronin's nap, at the beginning, when Nikko suddenly said, "Ka CHOW!" He was able to repeat it later in the evening too. Neato!!!

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